Theresa and Bryce and the How I Met Your Mother engagement session!

I love meeting new people! But when people are as good looking, funny and creative as Theresa and Bryce it's even more fun! When talking to Theresa about the engagement session I asked her about the things they like to do and how we can incorporate their personality into their session. Theresa explained that they like beer. Well, who doesn't like beer, right? So, we started our session at my favorite beer joint, Monks House of Ale Repute. They have like 5000 kind of beer there. So, if you are a beer person, go there. Last time I was there, I partaked (partook? whatever...) in the Raspberry Ale, and it was delicious. A little too delicious. Oops. Anyway, we started off at Monks. After a few photos inside and a few beers for Bryce, we headed out. It was a gloomy and cloudy day and I was worried all day it was going to rain. Well, Theresa had an umbrella. A yellow one in fact. Turns out Theresa and Bryce are huge How I Met Your Mother fans. There's an entire storyline involving a yellow umbrella and Ted and Robin.. and it's a long story, but you can read about it here.

And then there is a Blue French horn, another Ted and Robin reference. I only catch episodes here and there, but I am pretty sure I need to buy the DVD set now and watch it.

Here they are... So cute!

Anyway, Theresa and Bryce are super cute, super fun and I cannot wait for their wedding!